5 October 2013

DIY Pink Ombre Jar Candle Tutorial

I have been making these pink ombre candles in jars as part of the centre pieces for my wedding and wanted to share the tutorial with you. I hope I don't end up bombarding this place with tutorials, but hey who doesn't want to know how to make stuff right? I will try and keep the text brief and the pictures easy to follow.


You will need: 
Candle wax (mine came from the Norfolk Candle Company)
Candle wick (this normally come as a sort of 'string' which you cut to length)
Candle wick supports (little metal discs to hold the wick down)
Clean Jars
An old glass bowl/container
An old pan
An old plastic handles spoon
Wax crayons
Optional: Candle fragrance

Put your glass dish in a pan of hot water over the stove top. Be wary not to 'boil' the water you just want it to be simmering. Add some wax to your glass container and heat until all the solid wax has melted.

Whilst the wax is melting you can prepare your wicks. Wicks come in two forms, you can either buy them pre-cut with a metal disc on the bottom which can just be put straight inside the jars. These normally come dipped in wax so are pretty stiff and so no more support is required. The other format is wick which comes as a long string. With this type you will need to cut it to length, but make sure it is about 2cm longer than the height of the jar. Add the metal disc to the bottom and attach to the bottom of the jar. You can do this by dipping it in a bit of your melting wax. Then tie a not around a cocktail stick/pencil etc and lay across the top of the jar. This helps to keep the wick straight and centred until the wax dries. 

Once the wax has fully melted you can add your colour. You can see here I have two shades of pink crayon and a white one. Break a bit of the darkest crayon off and add it to the melted wax. You can also now add a small amount of fragrance if required. I used vanilla. Stir the crayon until fully melted. You should now have pretty pink wax.

Being careful and remembering this is hot wax sitting in hot water, lift the glass container out of the water and pour a layer of wax into each jar. How much you use it up to you and it does not need to be exact. 

Repeat these stages using lighter colours of crayon each batch (you can mix some with white to get pastel shades) until you have lovely ombre candles. Each layer should have dried sufficiently to add another by the time the next batch of wax has melted. 

HAZAA! You are left with a beautiful set of ombre candles. I can't wait to show off these bad boys at my wedding, they look so pretty with the light coming through them as well. 

You can of course do this in any colour, it doesn't have to be pink. You could also go for rainbow themed, or how about black and orange for a Halloween theme? If anyone has a go at this I would love to see a link to yours, please post a comment below and let me have a look. 



  1. If anyone who has found this link via facebook see's this comment I would love to know where the referral is coming from so I can say hi and thank you xx

    1. I got the link from craft gossip on FB.


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