2 October 2013

Quick Craft: Molly Makes Felty Fox Brooches

My mother in law had the most recent version of Mollie Makes when I went over the other day and I couldn't help but notice the Fox Brooches Kit on the front cover. She very very kindly pulled the kit off the front page and gave it too me (I think she deserves one in return for this kind deed). Of course she kept the magazine, as any of us would, so I had to go buy another copy to get the pattern and instructions. I know, I know, I could have copied it, but I wanted the magazine as well didn't I! 

I couldn't wait to get these guys made up, they are so cute, and they turned out much better than I expected. I really hate hand sewing but these guys were very simple. It wasn't such a 'quick' make though as I was making both at once. All in all a lovely little make. I decided to do the edges in blanket stitch, just because I prefer the way it looks, but I don't think it makes any difference really. 

The design of these lovely brooches is credited to Polka Dot Dreams I have had a look at her blog and there are some lovely DIY tutorials there, especially some crochet ones which I might need to come back too. She also has some lovely items in her Etsy shop, I adore these foxes as shoes clips, so cute! I am also a little bit in love with the Fox cushion. 


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