14 November 2013

Felt Garlands Inspiration

I am in love with using felt at the moment, and really want to make some garlands after not making any for the wedding. So with this in mind I have started looking at some tutorials on Pinterest, you all know you get lost in there as much as I do. I have created a board which you can take a look at below. As always these are a work in progress but I wanted to showcase some of the gorgeous work made by talented artists out there:

In doing so I came across a beauty of a quick tutorial from Betz White for a Felt 'Ogee' which is a kind of paper snowflake. Honestly, check out Betz's site she explains it much better than I can. This is a perfect showcase of how something can be so simple in concept, yet so effective, so I just had to give it a go.

The tutorial was really clear and easy to follow and it really only takes around 10 - 15 minutes. I used a glue gun instead of thread, just because I was being lazy I think, and the glue gun was at hand. I really would recommend anyone giving this one a go. 

I hope this post brings you a bit of inspiration and early festive cheer, after all T'is the Season to be Jolly.

I would like to get some feedback on the use of pinterest boards to showcase things which I hope give you inspiration as well as myself. I find it such a useful tool. Hopefully you can click straight through to the owner of the work/tutorials, so I will not be stealing information/images which are not mine. However if anyone thinks this is a particular problem do let me know.

The DIY Fox

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