17 November 2013

The Velvet Acorn Knitted Hat

Are you feeling the cold as much as I am? There is a chill in the air now, and we have even had a few frosty mornings here in the UK, so its definitely time to get the hats, scarves and gloves out.

I recently purchased a PDF pattern from The Velvet Acorn on Etsy for a chunky knitted woolly hat. You should check out her shop though, there are some amazing patterns in there, not least a knitted fox cowl pattern which is incredible (I just don't think I would wear it myself, maybe I should think about it as a Christmas gift for nephew Fox) Can you think of anyone this would be suited to? Anyway, here is the hat I knitted for myself:

What do you think, did I make the pom pom big enough? 

I had to knit it in toddler size, because I have such a stupidly small head, but my guess would be the sizes are true as it was too small for Chris's head. It was a very simple knit, and pretty quick because of how chunky the wool is. The instructions on the pattern were also very straight forward and easy to follow. The pattern includes some Mitts so I may knit these up quickly at some point with the leftover wool.

Has anyone else gone straight for the knitting needles now its cold outside? I would love to hear what you have been knitting. 


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