27 December 2013

Post Wedding Round Up: Mr Sprinkles

Check out Mr Sprinkles:

Isn't he awesome! This is our wedding cake. He has not been handmade by a anyone we know, but was created from the image in my head by the wonderful Melbourne Cake Company. Now I don't think it's everyday that a wedding cake maker meets a client who's only real stipulation is that their cake should have face.

It took me ages to decide on the wedding cake idea. I wanted it to be something representative and fun but had no idea what this meant. Then one day whilst we were a little bit drunk we were talking about making cuddly stuffed cakes, and I love to make plush food, but I remarked that the cake should have a face 'all cakes should have a face' and there it was. It was then that I decided that the wedding cake should be a perfect reflection of a monster magic cake. 

After a few Pinterest searches on cakes I eventually stumbled across this sprinkles cake made by Swirls Bakery and instantly fell in love. I nearly changed the whole idea for this cake, but then had a chat with the lovely cake lady and we came up with the design for Mr Sprinkles. She added the bow tie all by herself which is an excellent final touch.

He turned out great, he looks the part, and best of all tasted delicious.

Photos by Ed Godden Photography 

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