21 February 2014

Following a Sew Along

Most of you will know that I have been following the By Hand London Georgia sew a long the last couple of weeks. It has been having its ups and downs but the end is in sight so I am quiet happy with that.

Georgia Dress Sewalong - By Hand London 

I thought it would be a good idea to look at why you might consider following a sew along, I mean you get all the instructions in the pattern packet don't you? Of course you do but following a sew along can give you heaps more hints and tips. As a bit of a newbie I found these invaluable and used every single blog post. There were great tips in there for example FBAs which I would have spent hours researching without this. 

So what did I personally get out of this:
Pattern drafting - how to alter the pattern to fit a non standard body size (that's nearly all of us right)
FBA (there was an SBA) as well
Detailed construction images for all variations
Invisible zipper instruction (more on this in a future post!) 
Good fabric suggestions
And finally, but probably best, seeing all the variations other people come up with.. This really is the most exciting bit! 

I also really liked how this timed in real life, I managed to follow along without feeling like I was getting massively behind. 

So if you are thinking of following one, or are a new sewer, I would thoroughly recommend. Most independent pattern companies do them, and you can go back to previous sew a longs even if they are finished and still benefit from all that expert insight. and don't forget, even if you are a seasoned sewer you still might learn something, if not that then you can at least enjoy the inspiration.

Here are some links to past sew a longs from some of the independent pattern companies
And I am sure you can find some others just by checking google

Have you found/ used any sew a longs that you can recommend? I am eager to give another one a go so would welcome any recommendations.


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