4 April 2014

Easter Project Craft: Round Up

Project Craft is now done for Easter and we raised over £500 for Improving Dementia Education and Awareness (IDEA) which is absolutely fantastic. I want to send out a huge thanks to colleagues who invited me to be a part of this with them. It was immense fun doing all the prep, seeing other peoples craft, and working selling the items to eager donaters

But I should also send out a big thank you to all those who donated home made cakes and tasty treats to the cause, as well as all the people who came along and bought from us. I hope they all enjoy their little treats and I am sure that the money will be going to great use. 

You can obviously see some of the items in these pictures but this doesn't even begin to cover what we had for sale. I would post a picture of my purchases but I have a bunny loving family member who I might need to keep this a secret from for now!

I will tell you something though, I forgot how much hard work it is running a craft stall. I always thought it was the fresh air, but I was absolutely shattered after doing this. I am looking forward to planning ahead for our next event which will hopefully be towards Christmas, but not before a well deserved rest!

Some of the things we had for sale: Felted eggs, chicks in eggs, flowers. Knitted hats, scarfs, cushions, chocolate egg cosies, decorations and mug hugs. Glass bead magnets, rings and necklaces. Sewn bunting, bunnies and bags. Along with cards, plants and gifting chocolate (pretty much everything Easter related you can imagine!) 

So given the success of this its pretty much onwards to Christmas. Is April to early to be thinking about Christmas? I know I have had my tree up in August before but this feels a it much! 

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