6 April 2014

Post Wedding Round Up: Everything Else

I have been meaning to put up some more pictures from the wedding for some time now to cover all the little details that I haven't covered already. I really want to be able to make a little gallery for 'Our Handmade Wedding' page above (where you can find all the other blog posts as well) and it seems a bit silly to do this without talking you through it first. All images taken by our wonderful photographer Ed Godden

We got married in a real ale pub in Derbyshire which is an old listed coach house called The Bear Inn at Alderwasley. One of the things we felt was important on our day was to make sure us and our guests felt relaxed all day and not standing on ceremony. A pub was the perfect choice, I mean I feel right at home in the pub! It was also a real ale pub and because most of our friends and family are beer drinkers this was much better than being somewhere where everyone has to drink wine or choose from a limited selection of generic beer on offer. The staff were amazing, they were so helpful and tentative, and the work they did setting everything out and making sure we didn't have to think about it was incredible.

The room which we used for the ceremony was a small function room with its own bar. It is painted white and has lovely atmospheric dark beams. The venue very kindly supplied their own bunting which I am very happy about, I think I would have gone insane making all this up myself!

We did however make the large tissue paper poms. There are loads of tutorials on the net for these so you can go google it :). My Godmothers other half even made the pink and blue one a couple of pictures above. He was very proud of himself and I think he showed it to everyone he spoke to!

95% of the reason why I picked this venue was the chairs (right now you are probably thinking I'm a bit insane!). I really didn't want those sash covered plastic chairs, its just not us. Now wood, that's more like it, I love these chairs. My mum very kindly, and painstakingly, made 50 hanging hearts which we hung off the ends of the chairs whilst we walked down the isle. I love the finished look of these. Not one person left me with a leopard print one though, and I go to other peoples houses and see them hanging there and can't help but grumble in my head a bit :) It's fine though, I am glad people liked them so much that they wanted to take them away.

Me and mum grew all the flowers ourselves in my garden and in the allotment. Not all of them worked but we ended up with masses of white and various shades of pink cosmos so it looked beautiful. My mum admitted to me the day before the wedding that she thought I was crazy suggesting that we grow flowers which would still be in bloom at the end of October. HA! looky what we achieved, Win!

I couldn't do this post without showing you my hair. I had this crazy idea I wanted to make my hair into a bow at the back after seeing someone else do it at a friends wedding. I really didn't think my hair would be long enough to make this work but the hairdresser Holly did and incredible job. She even spent the night before painting bobby pins pink with nail polish so you couldn't see them! How incredible is that!

We made all the decorations for the tables (thought you can't see them all that well). There were felt hearts and plush numbers. The ombre candles, hundreds of paper stars, more flowers, flag place holders held in Ferrero Rocher, pom pom napkin rings and little chocolate hearts. I knew that making all this stuff was a huge undertaking, but I never ever imagined it would look as incredible as it all did.

So I will leave you with a small selection of images, but remember if you want to have a look at more than this you can see them all on our Photographers website: www.edgodden.co.uk


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