16 May 2014

Lacy Lady Skater

Alright, I realise you are probably getting a little bit bored of the lady skater posts now but just one more for now I promise! I spoke about this version a few post back, it is a black lace version of the dress (idea stollen from this fab version by Kollabora (I still think her version is better than mine, I think my lace had waaaay to much stretch in it!!


About the Pattern:
Pattern: Lady Skater by Kitschy Koo
Fabric: Black stretch jersey for lining from local market, Black stretch lace from FabricLand
Size: 3
Alterations: Because I wanted the lace skirt to be separate from the the lining (see below) but attached to the lining on the bodice I attached it in a slightly different order. I seamed the side seams of the top and bottom pieces separately and then joined them at the waist rather than joining the two pieces down the side seams.

This pattern is just so amazing, I wanted a new dress for a Saturday night out with friends and although this pieces had been pre cut the whole thing took me less than an hour and a half!! I am not 100% happy with the bottom, I think its a bit wonky, and in hindsight my stretch lace is VERY stretchy and it gets misshapen very easily. I might have been better off attaching the lace to the lining in the skirt as well as the bodice to give it better structure. I am really happy with the clear lace sleeves though.

On a completely unrelated note, do you like Mr Fox's new fence? He was very happy with his work so I thought I would use it as a change of scenery so I could show you all. Have you noticed as well that I have decided I want everything in my life to be coral now? I have coral sandals on today, my coral belt yesterday its becoming a major theme in my life. 

We also have a date for the new kitchen, they start on the 23rd June! Eeeek very exciting! I can't wait to see all the shinies, and actually have an oven again! Maybe I need to start looking for some kitchen related crafts/sewing for the blog? Anyone got any ideas? Tea towels just seam a bit obvious! 

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend, we are set for a scorcher in the UK so I am going to try out the new BBQ (which reminds me I MUST sew the garden chair covers... sigh) but we don't have a lot planned, just enjoying the sunshine and our freedom. Have a lovely one, whatever you are up too. 



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