12 May 2014

Tulle Pom Pom Shoe Clips

Check me out! I have clown noses on my shoes! I am sure I have told everyone this already but in case you didn't know my new favourite accessory is a shoe clip. I love how you can brighten up any pair of shoes and make one pair look different every day of the week. 

These little lovelies are made from some thin tulle which I had left over from the wedding decorations which I wrapped around some card (the same way as you make woolly pom poms) with a shoe clip glued to the back of each one. Mr Fox did tell me I looked a bit like a Jester before I left for work this morning, but do we care? No of course we don't, it's bringing me a little bit of joy on a dreary Monday morning. 

Do you own any show clips, or have a favourite accessory that might overtake these? Let me know. I also encourage you to make some of these yourself for a bit of a chuckle xx


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