9 May 2014

Wire Wrap Headband

Hello and happy Friday. I really don't know where this week has gone but it will soon be the weekend again. Mr Fox is doing his dissertation presentation today which is the very last part of his degree. I am very proud of him and have everything crossed for when he gets his results. I know he is going to be very happy and relaxed after he has this last hurdle out the way. We also booked a last minute week in Rhodes in 5 weeks time Yippee! Sun, here I come!

This weekend we are going to do Go Ape at Sherwood Forest on Saturday for a friends birthday, though with forecasts of thunderstorms it could be interesting! Then on Sunday my mums 60th so we are all going out with her to spend a day celebrating everything that is mummy. 

Thinking about going and having some fun in the sun, I don't know how many of you have noticed but I am actually of the ginger persuasion and so my skin doesn't do well in any kind of sun. I am one of those factor 50 I even in the UK gals! I have spent my life listening to my mum tell me 'don't forget your hat' but to be honest she is not wrong and I have even taken on the mantle of reminding everyone of this myself. However, I hate hats and I look ridiculous in them. I do have a big floppy pink one but it's still not something I would want to wear when out for a sunny strole in the UK, only on holiday where I don't know anyone! So how do I keep the sun off my head without looking ridiculous? A fabric headband.

I do find sometimes though that ones in the shop can be quiet tight, or too loose so when I saw some tutorials for wire wrap headbands on Pinterest I decided to have a go. 

The concept is very simple. Measure the circumference of your head where you want the band to sit and add 8 inches. Cut a long strip of fabric the length of this measurement and twice your desired width. With right sides together fold the strip of fabric in half along the length and sew about the edge of the fabric leaving a small gap to turn the band right side out. Cut a piece of wire the length of your band with a little extra on the end so you can fold this over and not have a sharp edge. Feed the wire inside the headband and then sew the hole closed. Now wrap the band round your head and twist the ends into a little bow. Soooo easy! You can see I made it in my favourite fabric haha!

The one I have made is a bit more decorative than functional, I need to make one which is much wider at the bottom so I have the option of wearing it the other way up to keep my head safe from the sun. 

And that's it from me for now, I hope you all have a lovely weekend whatever you have planned xx


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