8 August 2014

We have completed kitchen

It's finally finished, a good month after they started, so it's been marred a bit by its trials and tribulations (nothing is ever easy eh!) but we now have a fully functioning, completed kitchen. 

If you have alook at how it looked before you can see how much different the place looks now:

The biggest things I was adamant about we're getting some patio doors, though I never expected ones as big as we finally got, and more work surface. As you can see the old kitchen had a mid hight oven right in the centre. I am not sure what the thoughts were of the owners who arranged this one but there is just no long bit of worktop to do your prep work on. Something we have rectified now. We also have a lot more cupboard space as well. 

W arre really happy with how the whole thing turned out. Even with all the black the kitchen is just so much lighter, and the garden almost feels a part of the house now. 

Time to get on with the next job which is decorating the baby room. We have next week off work but have made so many plans it's going to be difficult to get as much done as we wanted! Some of plans include Europes strongest man, the zoo, microlight flying, afternoon tea... It's going to be fun if nothing else. 

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you on the other side. 


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