9 November 2014

Hand Printed Festive Wrapping

I don't know about you, but there is something very personal about being able to give your Christmas presents in some hand made wrapping paper. All that thought about the perfect gift is somehow much better presented wrapped up in something which was handmade with love and enjoyment. 

The most simple way to do this, which we have all done before, is of course with some brown paper and a potato! Potato printing is great fun and if you haven't ever had a go at making your own paper this way then I would seriously recommend it, especially if you have kids, what a fun way to get them in the festive spirit as well as keep them entertained. 

With all this in mind, myself and Ellen decided to make some paper in time for Project craft (which is tomorrow! Eek!) and I have to credit Ellen with the ideas for this.

So we did try to be a bit more sophisticated than using a potato. Instead we cut out stencils from acetate and used some really gorgeous wooden Christmas cutouts for relief and stamping (now you know what Mr Stag was being cut out for!) 

The painting and printing was then done using a variety of methods. We spray painted gold and silver, used sponges and poster paint and even some glitter gel to give the paper a really festive feel. 

We came up with 4 designs in the end, all of which you can see here and managed to get all the work done in the office surprisingly, though it was a bit messy it was lots of fun! I think we are both really pleased with how they came out. None of them had a distinct repeting pattern, it was all a bit freestyle, but that gives them a lot more interest. 

I really would urge you to have a go at printing some of your own paper. I am secretly hoping these don't sell out so I can repurchase a couple for wrapping my own Christmas gifts in! 

I would love to hear which is your favourite design, or see paper you have printed for Christmas, so please feel free to leave a comment. 


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