20 September 2018

Simply Sewing Polka Dot Headband

I finally got round to stitching up the headband from the first issue of the new simply sewing magazine using the free polka dot fabric which came with the magazine. The mag did provide patterns and instructions for three things which could all be created from the one piece of fabric provided. First was this headband, second a gathered fabric flower and third a fabric covered book. I have done both the gathered flowers and a covered book on the blog already so I have gone for the headband (and I used the rest of the fabric to make the pockets of my new dress!) 

The instructions were really easy to follow, and the headband was really easy to make. All you need is a sewing machine, some thread and a small piece of elastic. I decided to make my headband a little snazzier though. I used a pink thread for my top stitching instead of black and also made this really cute little pink fabric bow out of a bit of scrap fabric I had. I hand stitched the bow onto the headband to neatly sit about where my parting lies. Now this cute little headband matches my hair and includes a little extra detail and interest which I really like.

I don't tend to wear headbands all that often, however I have posted before about how stupid I look in hats! Being fair, and needing to keep the sun off my head, a nice thick fabric band like this is perfect for keeping me sun safe and still looking sharp. I definitely think I will be making up another one of these once we get summer fully into swing (really hoping we get a summer!). It would work really well in any kind of polycotton, quilting cotton or cotton poplin. 

If you want to make one of these for yourself hurry out to the shops for your own copy of the new simply sewing magazine. But hurry, I think issue two will be out very soon. 



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