2 October 2015

Sea Shell Decorations

Love collecting shells when you visit the beach? Me too! but what to do with them when you get home?

We recently went on a little family holiday (Master Fox's first trip to the seaside) and whilst there I obviously collected a few pretty shells, because you just cant resist it right? The problem is I never get enough to fill a bowl or vase or anything like that, I just have a cute little handful to take home and remind me of lazy sunny days on the beach (or windy overcast days if your holiday was a bit like ours).

I immediately set upon pinterest to see if I could get some inspiration on what to do with them, as its such a waste to just throw them in a bowl or drawer. I came across this delightful little post from Hoppin' Up which sets them into air dry clay. Whats great is this is a fun little project for kids (admittedly older than Master Fox, but that just means more fun for me!).

The idea is so simple, cut the air dry clay into shapes, press the shells in and let it dry out. Then you can hang them up as a lovely little reminder of your hollibobs. I hope you like mine, though my shells weren't as interesting as the ones used in the actual tutorial.

Whilst I did them I also made this adorable little plaque for one of Master Fox's friends who is turning one. A baby's first birthday is so special I think its great to have a little keepsake like this to remember it by as only happens once.

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