13 December 2015

Handmade Halloween Baby Pumpkin King Outfit

How adorable is this little pumpkin king! Honestly I don't know what more I can say about this other than that I am so so proud of this little tiny Jack Skellington costume.

Master Fox hosted his very own Halloween party this year for all his little buddies that he met and local playgroups. Of course it was really just an excuse to get them all dressed up in daft outfits for our own amusement. A lot of costumes for baby boys though are all either Skelleton or pumpkin onesies. Cute yes, but very samey so I wanted him to have something unique which is when I came up with the idea to dress him as the pumpkin king.

I ordered some fabric from eBay which was black with a white stripe. Sadly it turned up and was a bit thin for suiting and very shiny but we worked around this with some interfacing and lining fabrics to make it more stable, comfortable and warmer. 

The jacket is taken from this free pattern which I found on the Internet. The pattern was really simple to follow and did make up a great little jacket. Master Fox is however a little on the small side and whilst I wasn't stingy on the seams it did come up a little tight in the tummy for him at 11 months so do bear that in mind. I obviously added the tails which I made freehand and I think these worked really well. 

The trousers are a pattern from my other favourite new kiddie pattern place which is Ottobre magazine, a quarterly from Finland which that you can get easily shipped to the UK. This one is from 3/2015 and has a lovely little dart in the pants seat. This pattern is also really nice and easy on the overlocker and is aimed at jersey fabrics. If you are interested in sewing clothes for children 0- teen then you really should take a look. Browsing the PDFs of all their back issues is so difficult I can never decide which one I would want to get next!

So I hope you agree that this little outfit (and of course Master Fox) is super cute! Obviously this isn't a licensed product and I will not be reproducing this item for sale but it is a great example that if you have something in mind there is a way to achieve it, you just have to put your mind to it. Making this outfit really did give me a sense of accomplishment in my sewing skills and has given me more confidence to try and make some other new things for him, and hopefully myself again in the not too distant future. 

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