26 February 2016

Jumpy romper

How awesome is this little romper! I love it, Can I have the pattern in adult please? I'm actually quiet serious about that, this little girls romper suit is the business. Its so soft and comfy, can you imagine it as a type of onesie to slouch about at home in, it would be great. Its quiet simply lovely and one of the nicest things I have sewn up recently.

The fabric I'm sure some of you will recognise is some mint Elk Grove knit jersey by Birch fabrics. It wasn't exactly the cheapest of knits but the quality of it is truly sublime. I bought this fabric in my early pregnancy when I was secretly hoping for a girl and thinking of all the cute dresses I could make. I tried to persuade myself it could be classed as unisex, but lets face it its not very masculine is it. Now before you jump down my throat I have no problem with son playing with dollies or tea sets or whatever the hell he chooses but; I decided that making it into an outfit for a little lady would do the fabric much more justice and it would get much more love and wear. I had contemplated making it into some sort of summer PJ's for myself, but I know I'm just never going to get round to that and I only bought one meter so it wasn't a lot to play with.

The pattern is the reversible Jumpy Romper which is another pattern from the wonderful Puperita. This pattern was no different to the other ones I have made up in that it was an absolute dream to follow and so easy to make. I made it up in 12-18m for a friends little girl and the proportions look great. I used the overlocker for this one because I wanted a really quick satisfying project after all the fitting I had to do with Margot dress and this certainly delivered. I managed to whip this up in about 2 days. I absolutely love the pink jersey with the mint of the elk grove knit. Its such a beautiful colour combination for a girl, and I think one of my favourite. As I mentioned the pattern is reversible but why would you want to hide those handsome deer?

I would offer a word of caution about sewing this whole pattern on the overlocker though. Whilst it is possible, as you can see here, sewing around the top popper sections is very difficult and the finish is a little clumsy. Next time I will do the sides and the ankle cuffs on the overlocker then the top section on a regular machine. All the seams are hidden inside so they don't need to be perfectly neatened off. It is a bit of a shame as the one issue with trying to sew will baby sleeps/with a baby is the constant changing from sewing machine to overlocker to iron and back again. I am yet to find my perfect nap time project. If you have any ideas about this I am desperate to hear them.

So I would definitely recommend the fabric and the pattern. The fabric also comes in a lovely multicolourway and the pattern is newborn - 6 years! How many versions am I going to be able to make before these babies grow out of these patterns! I have some lovely skull print jersey which is screaming to be made into a pair of these but again I bought it for Master Fox and having received it I think its just a little bit on the feminine side so I'm not sure what to do about that yet. Watch this space (though not too closely its probably going to stay in my fabric stash for ages while i find the perfect project!). 


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  1. Oh I really like this print! I agree, it does look so sweet and girly. Well, at least paired up with pink :) It is such a fun pattern! This is my next sleep time project :D


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