18 March 2016

Calavera skull print baby romper

 I made another gorgeous version of the Jumpy baby romper again this week. I really do love this pattern so much. It's such a speedy sew and so easy to follow.

I used some gorgeous Calavera skull print cotton jersey which I bought from DaWanda, which is kind of like a German version of folksy/etsy. You can get so much lovely jersey in the EU, much more than in the UK and you don't need to pay any silly taxes to import it. Yay :) I use a plain grey jersey for the lining and cuffs. I can't quiet decide what sex this is for. The colours are very boyish but the skulls have a definite femine feel. I guess that makes it unisex! 

So you thinking 'oh another romper, wow' well the exciting thing about this romper is it marks the start of my new vision to make alternative and quirky children's clothing to sell. I do want to work on some more original ideas/pattern alterations but to start getting the shop up and running I need to get a few items made up to stick in it and make it visible in the real world! Exciting stuff right! 

I am being realistic about this project though and I'm not going to go bull in a china shop to get it open, I want to make sure the things I do sell are well made and thought out. So for the meantime this little baby outfit will get shut away until I have a few more items to launch. 

I've always loved the bright colours and characters in children's textiles, which is why I used to make the plush monsters . Hopefully this will give me satisfying new way to both utilise all those fun fabrics designed with kids in mind, and to come up with a few fun creations of my own! 

Hopefully I can make this work now I've said it out loud!! I hope you all wish me luck, I'll let you know as soon as I get a bit further with it, but in the meantime, back to some selfish sewing!! 

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