4 August 2017

You've got a friend in me

How amazing is this fabric! Master Fox is a big fan of basically anything Disney, I would tell you which is his fave but it changes weekly so who knows which it will be by the time this post is published. Having said that he is always happy to go back to an old favourite, and who doesn't love a bit of buzz and woody. 

This fabric is some more from llfab who recently ran this as part of their pre-order rounds. The fabric quality is amazing, its so nice to sew with. Its a very thick jersey but it gives the most amazing finish to these adorable little garments.

I bought the fabric to make Master Fox an adorable little tshirt to wear. The problem (is it a problem?) with making kids clothes is that you end up buying by the meter and you have so much fabric left over. Of course I am sure there are other things I can make with the rest of the fabric but how many Toy Story tshirts can one little boy have? So I decided to as well make one of his little girlfriends a matching dress as she is also a big fan of the films.

The patterns for these two outfits are both from the most recent Ottobre magazine (Summer 3/2017). The tshirt is the whales and tigers top and the dress is a mash up of the Donuts and California Surfing dresses. Thankfully these two dresses were drawn on the same pattern pieces so they were easy to mix and match. I do love the versatility of Ottobre patterns, and the great thing about having their magazine subscription is that if I want to make something you can almost always guarentee you already have a pattern for it. Having said that the instructions are vague at best and come with very little visual instruction if any. This does make them quiet difficult to follow for a novice but as long as you read them carefully and follow the instructions they are fine to work with.

I am really impressed with my binding on both these outfits. They are sitting so perfectly flat. I think that can be partly contributed to by the fabric its attached to being of such a good sturdy quality but I have also done a lot of practicing with my twin needle and the threading/tension on my machine. I really do love to challenge myself with sewing now, and knit binding was a skill which was trying to evade me, but I think we are finally getting there.

The binding fabric and green jersey came from caboodle textiles, not a site I have used before but they have some lovely knits, these plain ones feel gorgeous. The knit binding was also from them. it doesn't feel to the touch like the best quality I have ever had but it certainly stitched up fine, I think the pictures prove that.

So which is your favourite disney movie, and if you could score the fabric what would you do with it? Also does anyone have any good ideas for what I could do with the last bit of this fabric? I don't have a massive amount but it would be enough to make another small child/baby outfit. 


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  1. They are both fantastic, it's great fabric. Could you make a little bag, or hat and scarf for winter with the rest? My 16yrs old daughter loves everything Disney, magical or unicorn.


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