15 October 2018

Black denim mini skirt

My quest for the perfect little black mini skirt pattern continues with this lovely little number and what a good contender it is. Its got a very cute shape and fit and is very versatile. I like it! 

The pattern is Simplicity 1370 which comes with shorts, skort and skirt options. The skirt seems like the boring option but it is a lovely simple skirt and I really like the length. I love the multi options on this pattern which definitely makes it worth the money if you wear this kind of thing. I find Simplicity instructions a bit odd, I never find them easy to follow. I think I am more of a visual instruction kinda gal and Simplicity don't always do this well, but nevertheless it was a simple pattern so was very straighforward to make. My one bit of advice would be to check your size before buying though. It turns out I was a 12-14 in this pattern, but this envelope only went up to a 12. Its ok, the fit is fine, but it could have been a bit awkward. Definitely something to watch out for in the future. 

I chose some black stretch denim for this mini skirt, mostly because I don't actually have any denim skirts in my wardrobe (bit odd I know!). This fabric was from the Village Haberdashery and its got a lot of stretch in, perfect for a pair of jeans. I have never sewn with denim before and do you know what I love it! Its so firm its a breeze to sew with. You obviously have to make sure you pick the right pattern for a denim fabric, but I think these were a perfect match because the structure of the denim helps the skirt hold its A line shape very well. 

I also chose to try out another exposed zip, this time using the tutorial on the Sew Essential blog. This method worked so much better. It was a little bit more complicated to execute but the finished result is a lot cleaner and I love how it looks on this denim skirt. 

I also added some belt loops to the skirt so I could add a belt which I self drafted. In hindsight it wasn't the best move  as the belt hide the zip so it looks a bit odd together but you don't need to wear a belt so its fine. It was a good bit of practice in case I want to add loops to another project in the future. 

Please ignore that denim thread that I really should have noticed before I shot this! 

So to roundup:
Pattern: Simplicity 1370
Extras: Exposed metal zipper
Modifications: Added an exposed zip, added belt loops
Fit: Very nice, it sits nicely on the hips. I prefer my skirts to sit on the waist but its still a nice fit.
Difficulty: Without the mods definitely beginner for the skirt. Its a very straighforward honest pattern. 
Would I make it again? Yes definitely, I want to try the other pattern options and am loving the idea of a tartan version of the wrap skirt

I just wish it had pockets! 

Overall a very nice skirt and a welcome addition to my wardrobe which I can see getting a good amount of wear. 

I have now decided on the pattern I am going to use to for my very special fabric and have already made a start... eek! I definitely think I made the right choice with it and I'm so excited to get it finished, watch this space. 

Which version of his pattern would you sew first? Its so versatile. 


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