8 October 2018

Crushed velvet knit sweetheart top

I've made so many fitted skirts lately I really wanted to get a bit of quick and dirty sewing out the way for a bit of instant gratification... well that didn't go to plan!

I love to wear velvet in winter so I thought I would make a couple of cheap and cheerful crushed velvet tops. I picked the sweetheart top from Gertie Sews Vintage Causal. I've made this top before so I already had the pattern cut in the correct size and I knew how it fit together so figured it should be pretty easy.

Sadly the fabric let me down quiet considerably. It was some very cheap crushed velvet from the marketplace. I know this stuff is not the easiest, but I think the biggest problem I had was that it was only a 2 way stretch and not a 4 way which all my other versions of this top have been. It made a considerable difference to how the fabric behaved and how the finished item looks and fits my body.

I tried to make 2 two versions of this top, this purple one and a black one, but the black one went so horribly wrong that the only place for it sadly was the bin! The purple one has thankfully sewn up ok and is wearable, though the neckline keeps riding up. I wasn't planning on adding the ruched neckline to this top but I may have to put it in to make the front pull down a bit so the neckline doesn't sit so high.

So on reflection I have thankfully managed to get one wearable top from the ordeal, but I definitely won't be buying any 2 way stretch fabric for a while. Definitely a lesson learnt here! I'm not going to say any more because I don't think its good to dwell on a bad sew but I will be back to attach this pattern again at a later date as it is one of my favourite wardrobe staples.


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