31 October 2018

Halloween LBD - A Ghoulish Georgia dress

Happy Halloween! and hello on my most favourite of all the holidays. I absolutely love how year on year the UK seems to get more and more into Halloween and we are seeing so much more participation. We have a long way to go to complete with the likes of the US but I like the way this is heading. I'm even happier to be bringing you a halloween themed post.
I have been a bit slack this year and haven't managed to make the kids costumes, mostly because he wanted to be batman, and sadly I had to work on the day we could have gone to a toddler party. I also haven't managed to get out anywhere in fancy dress myself because, well, its a Wednesday BOO! 

But its not all doom and gloom. thankfully I have a good friend who shares with me a love of fancy tights. So when I told her I wanted us to go out for a drink this week, just so we could wear striped tights, she was totally up for it!

So what was I going to wear with these brilliantly orange tights? I decided I needed a plain little black dress, just something sassy, easy to wear and won't detract from the point of this exercise - the tights. So say hello to Georgia by By Hand London a perfect pairing made again from some plain black cotton sateen from Sew Essential. I basically bought a load of this in bulk to test all my sewing patterns with.

I have made this pattern before so had already done a significant FBA on it. I still have some fitting issues with the cup section of this bodice, and its definitely something I want to get spot on, but for the purpose of this quick sew my boobs fit inside and thats all that really matters. I did make an adjustment to the straps and added a rather significant tie back halter instead of the thin straps. I had lots of ideas for the straps but this one has worked really well because it helps to hide the significant amount of chest that would be exposed if they weren't there. Something I can hopefully eliminate at a later date. I made the straps by basically cutting 4 really long tapered pieces of fabric and then just attaching them to the front of the bodice in the same way as you would the the normal straps.  

Overall i'm really happy, I think the outfit came together brilliantly, and whilst the sew isn't perfect its definitely a dress that I can get more use out of. 

To round up here are the details of my sew:
Extras: Just an invisible zipper
Modifications: The straps. Instead of using the thin straps from the pattern I made wide tie halterneck straps and attached them to the front of the bodice
Fit: Really nice in the body, its is drafted as a 6-8-12 to fit my proportions. The bodice still needs some work in shape and coverage. 
Difficulty: I am going to say Intermediate. I had a lot of trouble with the point in the middle of this dress and also because of my chest fitting issues, but otherwise the pattern is clear and has good instructions. 

What are you wearing for halloween this year? Have you made a costume, bought one, or have you just added a little detail to your daily wear? I would love to hear about it. 



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