30 September 2013

Little Fox Jumper

Foxy Make number 1:

I had lots of fun making this little number for my nephew as it is his 2nd birthday in a couple of days. 

I can't take any credit for the design idea, I found the inspiration for this on pinterest and it is 100% credited to Elise Hooper Designs on Etsy. So if you want one, I would advise you head over there and purchase one of her excellent hoodies. But this was a super fun project to fill a Sunday morning whilst Chris was sleeping and feeling snotty. 

29 September 2013

Shoes and Glitter, What more does a girl need?

So in 4 weeks I will be Mrs Fox, Exciting! I have been trying for a number of years to find the best way to publicise my crafting obsession, and have always been stumbled by the fact that I can't EVER stick to just one craft, and so specialising for me is really hard. However, one thing I have learnt about myself on the journey to crafting my wedding is why try! There are so many wonderful ideas out there, craft tutorials, pinterest boards, blog posts, everything. So the DIY Fox is born. My vision is to show you what I have been up to, with tutorials as often as possible, links to tutorials I have found this week, favourite sites, and reviews or 'try it myself' anecdotes from tutorials from all the other talented visionaries already out there. I will try to, from time to time, have a Fox related theme, but for now GLITTER!

I so want glitter shoes for my wedding, but I have been struggling to find the 'perfect' pair in the style and colour I wanted for a reasonable price. So I decided why not D.I.Y. There are so many tutorials and videos out there for how to do this, but I wanted to quickly run through mine with you. Firstly, because most of the tutorials I found were American (Modge Podge to us is just simply PVA, or School glue), and secondly to show you how pretty they are.

So here we go:
1: First you will need a pair of heels: new, old, borrowed (probably best not!) just make sure they are clean, and its probably not going to work so well on anything suede/fabric. Patent or leather are likely going to work best.
2. Gather all your supplies. You will need:
PVA Glue (or Modge Podge if you are reading this from over the waters)
Some kind of brush or sponge
(optional: tissue paper for stuffing inside the shoe to stop glitter getting inside, masking tape)
3. Using your glue and brush, cover an area of the shoe in the glue. You will likely want to work in smaller sections to make sure the glue doesn't dry out, but you can put the glue over the glitter so there will be no gaps. If there are any areas you specifically don't want to get glitter on you might want to masking tape these areas.
4. Carefully sprinkle your glitter over the area covered in glue, making sure that any spare glitter lands on the newspaper. Repeat the last two stages until you have covered the desired areas in glitter and leave to dry completely. You may find you need to tip some of the glitter from the newspaper back into a tub to re-use. This is easily done by just folding the paper in half and tipping down the crease. 
5. The final stage is to cover all the glittered areas with a clear sealer. This is a picture of the one I used which I was able to buy from the internet. It is a clear Acrylic spray which dries with a gloss finish. Spray this over all the glitter and leave shoes to dry. This will stop your glue from chipping, your glitter from getting everywhere and also helps to waterproof them. 

And finally - TA DA!!! prance around in your super glittery shoes whilst trying to find as many items around the house that you can also cover in glitter! 

I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of The DIY Fox. I hope to see you soon. 

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