29 November 2013

Post Wedding Round Up: The DIY Glittery Shoes!

I am finally able to start blogging some of the DIY craft done for the wedding, I'm so excited to be able to show you now that I have some decent professional photo's thanks to our fabulous wedding photographer Ed Godden.

You will all remember the DIY Glitter Shoes tutorial that I posted a couple of months ago. Well not only did we glitter my shoes but we also glittered the bridesmaids shoes. The idea was that they could pick the style of shoe they wanted and then they would end up matching as we used the same glitter on them all. They turned out fantastic don't you think? I am so pleased with them and they matched the dresses so perfectly.

The Glitter on my shoes was a very chunky nail art glitter with large heart shapes in. This created a lovely effect, but the finish was not particularly smooth. The blue on the other hand was an extra fine glitter which produced a much smoother sheen with a more professional finish. Which do you prefer? I really can't make my mind up!

Next up I want to show you the DIY Bouquets, they were so much fun to make, and so simple. I know, I know, you want to see the dresses and what we actually looked like. I hear you don't worry but I wanted to show you the elements before I put them all together. It will all come along very soon I promise, so watch this space.


17 November 2013

The Velvet Acorn Knitted Hat

Are you feeling the cold as much as I am? There is a chill in the air now, and we have even had a few frosty mornings here in the UK, so its definitely time to get the hats, scarves and gloves out.

I recently purchased a PDF pattern from The Velvet Acorn on Etsy for a chunky knitted woolly hat. You should check out her shop though, there are some amazing patterns in there, not least a knitted fox cowl pattern which is incredible (I just don't think I would wear it myself, maybe I should think about it as a Christmas gift for nephew Fox) Can you think of anyone this would be suited to? Anyway, here is the hat I knitted for myself:

What do you think, did I make the pom pom big enough? 

I had to knit it in toddler size, because I have such a stupidly small head, but my guess would be the sizes are true as it was too small for Chris's head. It was a very simple knit, and pretty quick because of how chunky the wool is. The instructions on the pattern were also very straight forward and easy to follow. The pattern includes some Mitts so I may knit these up quickly at some point with the leftover wool.

Has anyone else gone straight for the knitting needles now its cold outside? I would love to hear what you have been knitting. 


14 November 2013

Felt Garlands Inspiration

I am in love with using felt at the moment, and really want to make some garlands after not making any for the wedding. So with this in mind I have started looking at some tutorials on Pinterest, you all know you get lost in there as much as I do. I have created a board which you can take a look at below. As always these are a work in progress but I wanted to showcase some of the gorgeous work made by talented artists out there:

In doing so I came across a beauty of a quick tutorial from Betz White for a Felt 'Ogee' which is a kind of paper snowflake. Honestly, check out Betz's site she explains it much better than I can. This is a perfect showcase of how something can be so simple in concept, yet so effective, so I just had to give it a go.

The tutorial was really clear and easy to follow and it really only takes around 10 - 15 minutes. I used a glue gun instead of thread, just because I was being lazy I think, and the glue gun was at hand. I really would recommend anyone giving this one a go. 

I hope this post brings you a bit of inspiration and early festive cheer, after all T'is the Season to be Jolly.

I would like to get some feedback on the use of pinterest boards to showcase things which I hope give you inspiration as well as myself. I find it such a useful tool. Hopefully you can click straight through to the owner of the work/tutorials, so I will not be stealing information/images which are not mine. However if anyone thinks this is a particular problem do let me know.

The DIY Fox

11 November 2013

Post Wedding Round Up

Phew! What a whirlwind the last month has been, but I am now officially Mrs Fox. You know what that means, yep, I am no longer faking my blog title! I am so sorry for trailing off once we got closer to the wedding, my need to craft EVERYTHING got a bit out of hand and I realised just how much stuff I needed to do in such a small amount of time. The excellent news is that everything went superbly to plan, everyone had a good time, the room look so great, and the dress! wow my sisters did such a fantastic job of it I was stocked. I really can't wait to show you all everything, but I think in the interest of quality (and the fact that a lot of the stuff is now gone) I am going to wait until I get the pictures back from the professional. So watch this space...

What next then? Well, I don't think we can ignore the big 'C' anymore, so off I go to start looking at some fabulous Christmassy makes. To start with I am particularly interested in wreaths, baubles and garlands, especially of the felt variety. So lets see what I can find, and what I can make.

The DIY Fox
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