4 July 2014

Baby Dribble Bibs

Whats the one problem with making baby things this early... I have no idea on the sex and I am actually finding it really hard to sew neutral. There as so many ideas to make: cuddly dinosaurs or dollys, dresses or pants, the list goes on. I know I shouldn't be so stereotypical (I mean why wouldn't a little girl love dinosaurs) but it has actually become something that I think I have started way over thinking.

One thing you can be certain on though is that all babies dribble! So why keep them in a generic bib all day when they can sport a stylish little dribble neckerchief? It also gave me an excuse to buy a couple of my favourite current quilting cottons: Catnap - Purrfectly Happy in Cloud and Wildwood - Foxes in Snow (currently not available on the Village Haberdashery website where I bought it).

I found a PDF pattern for these bibs somewhere on pinterest, but essentially it is just a couple of triangles sewn together. I am not 100% sure how big a babies neck is either so I have sewn two poppers on to each one so that it actually has an adjustable width (and the largest fits round my neck so I think we should be ok).

I am really looking forward to seeing the creative fox related things that come from having this baby. I am already imagining fox hats, fox shoes, fox print clothes and who knows what else. I have also declared that this baby will likely constantly be dressed as some kind of animal or in fancy dress, because lets face it, what other reason is there to have a kid other than to dress it up??

And finally, here is Leo doing an excellent job of modelling in the absence of a baby. I know a lot of people who will probably shout at me for being so mean to him but he got a fuss and some ham for his troubles.


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  1. Perfect! The bib looks so nice and it's fitted perfectly to your lovely cat. Great job!


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