6 February 2015

Sewing inspiration on a more personal front

 New fabrics, I need to take notes of Alex's faux pas cherry print matching on GBSB this week

I have been doing a bit of DIY this week but instead of posting about that I wanted to write something a bit more personal instead.

I'm not sure whether its the New Year, giving birth, thoughts of spring or the return of things like sewing bee but my drive to want to get some garment sewing done is really overwhelming at the moment. I am feeling so inspired and have so many ideas and things I want to make.

The issue I have is that I am feeling quiet down about my figure at the moment. I realise its only been 8 weeks since giving birth and I cant expect to be back to my old self immediately but I just don't feel overly comfortable in my own skin right now. I am doing everything I can now to try and get back to my old self again; the diet is on and I am snatching as much exercise as I can between naps.

More new fabrics, mostly knits, I love the chevron
Now I can cope with this, it's a fact of life, but it does hamper my sewing drive somewhat. The great thing about sewing clothes for yourself is so that you can have something which is a truly great fit. However, as the time I have to spare to do sewing is minimal now I really need to make the most of it. This means that I don't particularly want to sew clothes for my current shape, as its a shape I don't intend to be in for long, as a result sewing isn't really a productive use of my time. It's great to make stuff, but not if you put your heart and sole into something which ultimately turns out to be of no use as you can never wear it.

 Not completely selfish sewing, you can clearly see a baby pattern here :)

So, how am I challenging this inspiration that I can't put to any use? Well I'm stocking up my fabric and pattern stashes of course (I may be going a bit overboard!) so that once I am back to my fighting weight I can jump straight in at the deep end and starting making stuff ASAP. The problem is the more I buy the less decisive I get on what I actually want to sew! 

Can we class 90's grunge era as 'vintage' sewing? I hope so! I got this pattern from ebay showing its age by the celeb styles of Pheobe from Friends and Frasier's wife!

So I think you can see the theme of my inspiration is dresses, dresses and more dresses. I never used to wear them as being an extreme hourglass figure store bought dresses either fit in the bust/hips but drown my waist or fit in the waist and I bulge out of everywhere else. I am looking forward to tackling this later in the year to try and get some more dresses into my wardrobe. Sadly the girls are not any smaller after this adventure, which was not something I needed, so I am going to have to be brave and tackle all form of full bust adjustments head on. Hopefully once I conquer it there will be no stopping me.

On a side note about dresses I loved the fabric of Deborah's dress on GBSB this week. I need to put it on re-run so I can check the writing on the weft! Not sure its my style put it was a very pretty print.

Do you have any ways of channeling your inspiration when you can't make things when you wanted, or have you been inspired to do some sewing since the return of sewing bee? Tell me all about it. 


  1. How about making yourself some silky pyjamas? The fit will be 'longer lasting' as your shape changes but the fabric will help make them feel a bit more indulgent. Heather Lou's new pattern is high on my wishlist right now and might just be up your street

    1. Amy I could kiss you, what a wonderful suggestion. It comes so perfectly timed for two reasons: 1. Being up in the middle of the night I find my need for pajamas greatly increased and 2. I much prefer my PJs to be on the baggy side so I can make some in a good fit now, and I know they would still get worn. The pattern you mention is gorgeous as well so thank you very much for this xx

      I am of course thinking black with a hot pink trim! Have you got any thoughts on how you will make up yours?

    2. Ah I wrote you a big reply and the internet ate it!! So annoying. Anyway I am so glad to have made a useful suggestion. I have some PJs in a similar style that I absolutely love so when I saw that pattern it was an instant hit. I'm still very inexperienced as a sewer so I haven't tackled slippery fabrics yet. I'm also trying to be good about finishing things I've already bought fabric and patterns for before I get even more. Once I do though I'm thinking maybe a deep wine colour with cream piping. Your black and pink choice sounds super sassy and sexy which I guess is exactly what you need right now :) Can't wait to see them!

  2. If only I had the skill this is the sort of thing I would want to make https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/571816483909959334/ - Simplicity 5201 Crafts Apron Daisy Kingdom - very helpful for when tackling something messy.


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