28 April 2017

Bonny Baby Bloomers

Pink frilly knickers! What more is there to say?

So you have dressed your baby girl in the cutest of little dresses but as you carry her around all you can see is that nappy, not ideal. The answer - baby nappy covers of course.

These cute little makes were a great project for some of the smaller scraps of fabric in the 'just in case I ever have a baby girl' box of fabric. A perfect way of using up some fabric scraps and really quick to make.

The first pair are some old polycotton I had left over from making some of our wedding decorations, what a lovely way to use up some of that fabric on the celebration of the extension to our family. 

There is a joining seam up the front of these bloomers so I used that seam to add this cute little lace detail to add a bit of contrast and interest to the bloomers. The pattern tells you to sew some rick rack into these seams, but it is so easily customised to any kind of trim. You could go crazy with all the possibilities of this pattern.

The pattern is from the Summer 2015 edition of Ottobre Magazine, a magazine I have blogged about a few times. I have a few pants patterns from these magazines but these ones came up in the smallest size which is why I choose this particular version. I have made them in newborn size but they look massive! I'm pretty sure they would fit on Master Fox who is over 2! We will see, maybe after a quick wash to shrink the elastic they might look better, and worst case scenario they are a bit big but she will grow into them eventually.

Even without the magazine, if you fancy giving something like this a go there are LOADS of free patterns from other bloggers out there to use. I definitely recommend, such a great use of leftover fabric, and it means baby can wear just a tshirt in the warmer weathers. There is a lovely pattern here

The second pair is made from this adorable cupcake fabric and then some light pink polka cotton lawn. I'm not overly excited by the front, they look a bit like Y fronts in my opinion. That being said a) I didn't have enough fabric to cut out both pieces in the cake and b) the front is cut on the bias so the cakes would have been wonky making it look odd anyway. I do however think from the back with those cupcakes on the bottom are just adorable! Imagine that little cakey bum sticking up in the air!

As this pair are a little bit more patterned I didn't bother with a trim as I thought it might be a bit too fussy, and I think that's fine.

I can't wait to try these on her and see how cute they look <3

Seriously though, this baby better not come out a boy! Mr Fox is already having dreams about this!

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