1 September 2014


Hello! Welcome back... with a bang (or a pop, or in this case just a collapse!)

I needed to play a bit of toddler pinata the other day, for those that don't know toddler pinata is where you have a trap door in the bottom, and use ribbon to release the door. Only one ribbon has a knot in, so the others simply just pull out rather than bashing the crap out of the cardboard figure.

I tried to figure out how to adapt a store bought pinata, but couldn't for the life of me work it out, though it turns out I could have just used a craft knife on the bottom and it would have been an simple as that. But anyway, that's no fun, and not the DIY Fox way right, so I set about making my own. It also turned out to actually be a lot cheaper to make my own, I got to pick the colours and even have tissue paper to spare.

I started out with some cardboard from the recycling bin and was just going to make a box shape. I figured whilst taping it though that it would be a lot simpler to just make a cone with an old cereal box and tape a circular base onto the bottom with a trap door cut in it. I then set about covering it is roughly chopped tissue paper strips in 3 different colours and just attached with pva glue.

The final stage was to cut out a ton of little tiny slits and place the strips of ribbon through each one, tying a knot in the end of one of the strings. Then loosely tape the hole up and cover the tape with another piece of tissue paper and voila!

It didn't go 100% to plan as the knot came through the hole, so I had to tie up another one mid game, and the string I had to hold it didn't hole out with the weight so we had just stand their holding the top of it. But it served its purpose and there was a sweetie fallout!


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