17 September 2018

Lil Space Critter

Following on from the adorable fox dress I made Miss Fox last week (if you missed it go check it out here) here is the second of the two dresses I made. I know the fox dress is super cute and all that but I actually think this one is my favourite, I mean that colour is just adorable and so perfect for this more autumnal weather that's finally coming our way.

One of the reasons I wanted to whizz out a couple of new dresses for Miss Fox is because of the change in seasons and how that changes the way we dress. I love pastels for little girls in the summer but come autumn/winter these jewel tones are just to die for don't you agree.

I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do with the bib for this purple dress but I knew I wanted to put some details on it. I headed over to Etsy and had a little search for iron on patches. I like to set my searches on Etsy to 'handmade' in the 'United Kingdom' because you can find some amazing UK artists out there and with it being a predominately US based site it means you don't need to stress about the shipping costs.

Well this lucrative little search found me the shop of OHNORachio, I mean seriously how cute are these little guys! The only problem I had with her shop was my indecision of which patches to use, so basically I just bought them all, whoops! You can't blame me though can you, they are adorable and they have really made this dress something special. I really like how the yellow and the green of the sun and planet pop against the colour of this dress. The best bit is I still have a couple of patches to play with in the future.

Once again I used the Lil Critters dress pattern by Puperita, they always recommend sizing by height on Puperita patterns so I measured Miss Fox on the door frame and picked the size accordingly. As you can see the fit is great on her and there is a still a little bit of growing room. To be honest she has a version of this dress I made her last year and she can still get it on now even if it is a little short, but I just pair with leggings so its a great pattern for longevity. 

I made a couple of very minor adjustments to the pattern: I omitted the side pockets which are built into the skirt, when tracing the pattern piece I just drew straight up and across from the other seam lines to make a full skirt piece. I also omitted the patch pockets on the bib and the back in favour of the iron on patches. Both adjustments were really easy and just show you how versatile this pattern can be. 

I used to baby/needlecord fabric again for this one as I did with the fox version. Its such a lovely fabric to sew with, perfect for autumn outfits and the colours are so lush. I lined this one with some beautiful liberty cutoffs which a friend game me and they are such a lovely fit with the colour of the bodice. There's not much else to say about the fabric really, its such a perfect fit for this pattern.

So, what I want to know is do you have any sew/iron on patch recommendations for me, because I think this could become a new obsession. Also, what are your favourite colours for autumn/winter? Please feel free to leave me a comment :)


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