18 April 2019

Rainbow Mrs Tumble PJs

Does anyone else out there love nothing more than getting home and throwing on a pair of PJs? I know I can't be the only one, and just how adorable are these, they bring me pure joy. Mr Fox does keep calling me Mrs Tumble when I wear them though!

Since having kids PJs feature quiet heavily in my life. The amount of times I am up and down in the middle of the night or up at 5.30am are countless, and quiet frankly who can contemplate getting dressed at that time in the morning? Not me for sure. Pajamas are just the perfect solution to lazy mum mornings, but if you are going to laze about in your nightwear you want to feel pretty special doing so am I right? Well these Carolyn PJs from Closet Case Patterns are just the perfect solution to that. I have used this pattern before but the pajamas I made were so loved they now sadly have a large hole in them so it was time to make myself a new set.

There are a number of variations included in the pattern; summer or winter and piped or non piped. On both occasions I have made winter piped flannel versions. The pattern itself is lovely an straightforward with very clear instructions but the one thing I would say before tackling this, or a similar pattern, is to allow yourself time. Firstly you have to remember you are making 2 garments here, top and bottoms, so its not a quick sew, and secondly if you are adding piping there are a lot of fiddly extra steps. I have to admit I have felt a bit lost and had a lack of love for this make most of the way through but once you get to the finished article they look so stunning it is totally worth all the effort. I also absolutely love the shape and fit of this pattern its a very flattering cut which is so important, even for pajamas.

The fabric is just gorgeous, its so bright and cheery. Its a wynciette fabric from Croft Mill and as I write this they still have it in stock. I love the colours of this fabric so much, it is a sort of off white/ivory colour but its not too far off. The only issue I have with this fabric and a similar one I bought for my last PJs was that the stripes of hearts don't run 100% horizontal which basically made pattern matching impossible. I really wanted to match them as much as possible but I just had to give up in the end. I don't think I did too bad a job really, except for the pocket which is a bit off.

I also absolutely love the buttons. I was having a bit of a drama with the buttons because the ones I bought were a different shade to the piping. Instead I went to my trusty button stash and found these rainbow heart buttons and I absolutely think they finish the outfit perfectly.

So will I get lots of wear from them? Yep, I will pretty much live in them
Will I make them again? Definitely (though I won't necessarily enjoy the process)
Would I recommend the pattern? Yes
I don't think I could ever go back to shop bought PJs now, and I definitely need a summer pair despite all the effort.

I hope you love these as much as I do and they bring a little bit of sunshine to your day.

Have you ever made your own PJs? Which pattern did you use and how did you find the process? I'm interested to find out if others have found it as laborious as I did.


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