17 July 2019

Pink Tutu's and my first go at pattern testing

This skirt appeals to all of my whimsy and flights of fancy, it is completely impractical for day to day wear and totally obnoxious, but that's kind of why I love it. I also thing it looks amazing glammed up with a leather jacket and pair of boots.

I hadn't planned to make this skirt but I was scrolling facebook and saw a post on the Rebecca Page facebook site asking for people to volunteer to test the pattern. I had a roll of tulle thats been sat in my wardrobe since my sister made my wedding skirt and I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to make that into something, wearable, so I signed up. I was very happy to be selected and thus began my first experience of pattern testing. 

In terms of the testing I actually found this a little stressful. The timescales were a little shorter than I had in my head imagined and at a time where I had a lot going on at work, and a 2 year old's birthday party to sort. I managed it though. I really enjoyed being part of the testing group and sharing that experience with people, seeing all the different ways people interpret the same pattern was really eyeopening to me and it was nice to ask questions and help others as we went along. 

The pattern itself was great, very easy to follow and with pictures to go along with it. This was actually my first Rebecca Page pattern and it was very similar in layout to most of the other small independent pattern producers I have tried. The final result came out just as expected first time and I didn't have any issues with the instructions (bar a few typos etc, which is what we were there to eliminate). It was a little lengthier than some sews due to gathering all the layers of tulle, but in itself that wasn't difficult. I took 2" off for my height but otherwise it was spot on, though you are only fitting the waistband.The only thing I would change is to make sure I used a more solid base for the lining. The poly was quiet sheer itself and the tulle did nothing to stop that. I just need to think about purchasing some undergarments that I can wear with it instead and its perfectly wearable. 

Fabric: Poly lining for the lining and 3 layers of bridal tulle (left over from my wedding), cotton chambray for the waistband
Extras: a 9' invisible zip
Version: The fuller 3 layer skirt
Modifications: I took 2" off for my height
Fit: Size XS - fit was good, but you only need to fit the waistband
Difficulty: Intermediate due to the tulle gathering and needing to insert and invisible zip into layers of tulle. 
Make again?: Probably. Some of the pattern testers made a mock up using chiffon or lace and I love the idea of using this pattern in this way. 

So in all I really enjoyed the experience of testing this skirt, and its amazing that I have this incredible skirt to show for it. I also got the pattern for free as payment for the testing work I did. I would definitely look at doing pattern testing in the future for the right project but with such a hectic life its definitely worth making sure you can stick to the timeframes. 

So the only thing left to do is work out where I am going to wear this thing? If you had a baby pink tulle skirt where would you wear it? 



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