10 March 2014

Do you have too many hobbies as well?

As I sit here contemplating a sunny weekend I am pondering what I want to do to make the most of my time away from the office. It occurs to me that I have far too many hobbies for my free time.

My first love is obviously any form of sewing or general craftyness. It gives me such a feeling of achievement when I come away having made something new from effectively nothing. The list of projects I want to try is as long as my arm, and for them alone I don't have much time.

Then there are the thoughts of sunshine, getting out and enjoying some fresh air, as well as the company of Mr Fox. I yearn for spending more time out and about, especially as we are so close to the Peak District and all its gorgeous scenery. Then there is the garden, I love my garden, and pretty much do enjoy gardening and spending time in it, especially with the cats who love it when you join them in their outdoor playground. However this time could be spent getting on with those sewing projects, but then the garden will not be as pretty, these two things are a constant juggle.

 I also enjoy a quiet obsessive PC gaming habit with the Mr, and we have probably spent most of our relationship in a fantasy MMO world together. I love this time spent sat next to each other at our DIY two person PC desk, though it does sometimes feel a bit like we are together but not really communicating as effectively as we should. We have made some great friends here as well, who I genuinely miss when I am off indulging one of my other hobbies instead of this one.

Then there are my other hobbies like knitting, blogging and reading blogs. I tend to try and utilise spare time at work for these sorts of activities as it seems a good use of portable time, however that doesn't mean I don't enjoy dipping in to them at home.

All in all I have concluded that there just are not enough hours in the day. I think I need to start prioritising, but trying not to see each thing as an 'I must' and just enjoy what takes my fancy in the then and now. Do you have too many hobbies? What are they and how do you manage your time to make sure you get a little bit of everything you love? I would love to hear any bits of advice you have to offer.

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