3 March 2014

Zinnia Inspiration

The sun has been shining and the flowers are starting to bloom, what better time to be bringing you Zinnia's!

I was hoping to be able to show off my second Georgia to you today, but alas I came across some fitting issues so that will have to wait for another day. Instead I thought I would share with you my inspiration for my next project which is: The Zinnia Skirt by Colette.

I think I am in danger of only sewing dresses if I am not careful, and so wanted to expand my sewing horizons a bit. Thankfully, just as the Georgia sew along finished, The Stitchery in Scotland decided to host a Zinnia sew a long. Now this wasn't on my list of things to make, but lets face it, they were all dresses, so I don't mind this little deviation. This however is not the only reason for my slight deviation, this sew a long comes with a fabulous competition to win a brand new sewing machine, and or some vouchers for The Stitchery, or their local fabric shop. I love my sewing machine, it has been a trooper and I am always using it so I am not in the slightest complaining here. However, the opportunity to perhaps get a machine with a one stage button hole function is just too much to pass up on, and who doesn't love new tools? Even if you don't need them!

So you will see from the above I decided to take my inspiration from actual Zinnia's, I thought this was quiet fitting. I really love the pinky peachy tones of these flowers. I knew I wanted to make version 3 of the skirt with the sheer overlay and lining, and wanted to use a lace for the overlay. I mostly picked this version because I want to challenge myself at attempting to sew with a silk and I was lucky enough to win an ebay bid for two meters of this gorgeous real silk crepe de chine in a peachy colour.

I then started looking at the lace to cover and decided that although peach is a lovely colour, if I wanted to wear this in the summer without tights it would make my legs look really pale. Instead I decided that a more coral coloured lace might be just what I wanted. I have realised that the lace is quiet see through in places and so I am not quiet sure how the contrast in colour will work in the final version but I am ready to give it a go. You can see above just how much of the peach is visible with the lace over it.

I'm really looking forward to following the rest of this sew a long and will of course let you know when I have it completed. Are you following any sew alongs right now? Where do you get your inspiration for colour schemes/fabrics from?


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