19 May 2014

At least my craft room is tidy!!

Wow, this weekend was a scorcher! What were you up to? Did you make the most of the glorious outdoors? We certainly did, we spent pretty much all of Saturday outdoors tidying the garden, sunbathing, putting up and enjoying the new BBQ (we are such amateurs at making a BBQ it was 3 hours until we got food, we were famished!!). Because of all this sun, and the fact I am truly a ginger, I think we both tried to stay indoors a bit on Sunday to make sure we didn't end up with heat stroke or severe burns. 

So what did we do, well we still pretty much just potted about, I think Mr Fox is still enjoying the act he has no pressure to do anything. I actually took some time to sort out, tidy and have a little but of a clear out of my craft room. I know some of you will have seen pictures of this before, but I haven't had it on this blog yet so I thought, whilst its tidy, its the perfect opportunity to show you all what its looking like.  

You can see that I have a lot of stuff horded in here and I have gotten rid of about 6 bin bags off stuff this year alone. I think it goes without saying that I am well and truly a craft horder. Though, as you have seen from my blog, I am always making one thing or another and it is actually quiet rare that I won't already have what I need before I try out a new craft idea I have seen on the internet. I think this is the biggest problem about not having a particular craft to concentrate on, I have too much of everything! 

My main reason for attempting another major clear out was because we will have to move the kitchen in to this room whilst we are living without one. Its the only room which will be away from all the brick dust which has suitable space to be able to do a small amount of cooking and has room to store the plates etc. I think I have managed to make enough room for it now though so I can start on emptying the kitchen cupboards and getting rid of even more stuff!

I am definitely finding that I am having less time to get into any major craft projects at the minute like I suspected I would. I am just enjoying being able to spend time with my husband and I don't want to be stuck indoors whilst we are having a summer out there. I do have some smaller and less labour intensive projects in my to do pile though so I think I will try to get on with those in the coming weeks.

Finally I bought some of my favourite fabrics which I have been eyeing up on The Village Haberdashery website recently; these awesome foxes and kitties.I only bought a FQ of each because I had no idea what I wanted to do with them but I think I will actually purchase a little bit more and cover some cushions with them (you can never have too many cushions right?).

I would LOVE to see pictures of other peoples craft rooms, so if you have one of your own and you want to send me a picture, or a link to a post showing off your space I would really like to see it. I can never see enough inspirational ideas for storing all this craftyness.

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